Frequently asked questions

Your ticket(s)

I did not receive my tickets and/or lost them.

Lost your tickets, or haven’t received them? No problem, we can help you find them.

First of all: check your SPAM mailbox.

Sometimes emails from Eventix can’t find their way into your mailbox because of spam-filters. Using the link below you can retrieve your tickets online.

Login to your bank account and look at the payment to Eventix on your bank statement. In the description of the payment you will find a 16-character Payment ID consisting of letters and numbers. Fill in the Payment ID to download your tickets.

Retrieve tickets
Do I have to print my tickets?

You can but it is not needed. The QR code on your ticket can be scanned from the screen on your phone. Do not forget to charge your phone!

Can i sell my ticket(s)?

Yes, you can. But be realy carefull with it. Tickets are being scanned at the entrance, once your ticket is scanned, it not valid anymore.