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Will my tickets be refunded after postponing the 2020 event?

Your ticket will remain valid for our event in 2021. We hope you can make it to this event. Reïmbursement is possible untill the 18th of may. After that, all tickets will be locked.

How can i get a refund for my 2020 ticket.
A refund requests is available for one or more tickets in this order, refund requests can be made until 2020-05-18 11:00.
Requests after this date will not be processed.

First, make sure you find your confirmation email from Eventix, this email is send to you when you bought your tickets. If you didn’t find them, check ‘i did not receive my tickets’ in the FAQ section.

Click on the ‘download’ tickets link.
From there you have the option to file a refund request.
You have the option to support our event by donating a percentage of your ticket.
After a couple of days, your refund will be available and your ticket will not be valid anymore.
I did not receive my tickets and/or lost them.

Lost your tickets, or haven’t received them? No problem, we can help you find them.

First of all: check your SPAM mailbox.

Sometimes emails from Eventix can’t find their way into your mailbox because of spam-filters. Using the link below you can retrieve your tickets online.

Login to your bank account and look at the payment to Eventix on your bank statement. In the description of the payment you will find a 16-character Payment ID consisting of letters and numbers. Fill in the Payment ID to download your tickets.

Retrieve tickets
Do I have to print my tickets?

You can but it is not needed. The QR code on your ticket can be scanned from the screen on your phone. Do not forget to charge your phone!

Can i sell my ticket(s)?

Yes, you can. But be realy carefull with it. Tickets are being scanned at the entrance, once your ticket is scanned, it not valid anymore.

More info on tickets

Our tickets are provided by Eventix .


What can i do about already booked hotels, flights or train tickets?

Due to the current situation, many hotels and airlines are very accommodating at the moment. They may be ready to change your booking to the new date of ZumbaFest. Please contact your travel provider directly to clarify matters.

What about the Jam session with Jhon?

Unfortunately the jam will be cancelled too. Please contact Jhon on reimbursements.

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